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Project delivery services

Program management

Large scale complex projects are expertly managed by our program management team. We combine the delivery of technical elements, new and changed business models and overall changes to organisational structure and capabilities through the application of project management methodologies.

GQI Consulting apply proven, successful application of support to clients that are running several parallel projects, and provide capability uplift to managers so that they can utilise their skills and experience in delivering on time and under budget. Through a partnership arrangement, we augment your program management team with our substantial body of experience, defined and accurate documentation with recognised and relevant disciplines of program management. Utilising our independent view point and experience, we work with our clients to establish sustainable principles and strategies to achieve desirable results for managing unique, complex and often large-scale efforts comprising of multiple parallel projects.

GQI Consulting excels in the five major aspects of program management:

  • Governance: Defining roles and responsibilities, and providing oversight
  • Management: Planning and administering both projects and the overall program
  • Financial management: Implementation of specific fiscal practices and controls
  • Infrastructure: The program office, technology, and other factors in the work environment supporting the program effort
  • Planning: Activities that take place at multiple levels, with different goals. The program plan is not a traditional plan

Project management

Our project management team work with you to deliver in time and under budget. Our client partners rely on our skills and experience for independent additional support where the project is technically complex, at critical stage or when additional independent skills can uplift our partner’s PMO Capability.

Through definitive principals and counter intuitive analysis and frame work, we deliver the necessary skills and real-life experience that support our partner’s success in projects.

GQI Consulting have an established, proven and well documented success in delivering quality driven project management through established principals and methodologies, partnered with innovation and second to none experience.

GQI Consulting are industry leaders in project management and as such understand the importance of detailed and accurate analysis; effective communication; budgeting, teamwork and leadership; intelligence and time.

Planning and design

We have experts who can plan and implement ICT projects so that they are a complete success. We provide specialist engineering and management capabilities to meet the total requirements of all projects. This includes development and delivery of business cases, modelling, tendering, project execution, training and review.

We have experts that can design and enhancing your network. We can provide networking and communication engineering capabilities to provide designs and specifications for integrated technologies and support solutions across your whole organisation.

Project resourcing

We can provide all of the resources required to execute a complete project. These resources will be selected to meet the specific requirements and where we have been engaged to provide all of the resources we will prepare a resource plan to ensure there are no gaps and we will provide a GQI resource quality plan which involves a management methodology which will ensure that the resources that we provide will deliver high quality outcomes on time and on budget.