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ICT strategic plans

Our ICT strategic plans help you apply the best technological solutions to maximise your business outcomes. They also enable you to align your expenditure on ICT with the delivery of commercial outcomes and have a clear roadmap for future investments complete with business cases to justify the investment.

We apply our standard methodology for ICT strategic plans which is tried and proven and will involve active client participation throughout the strategy development process and guarantee a successful outcome.

ICT procurement strategies

Our ICT procurement strategies propose a process which will enable you to go to the market to purchase the best ICT technologies and services to meet the commercial requirements of your organisation.

These strategies will be developed to not only meet your specific requirements but also so you can maximise your commercial leverage in obtaining the technologies and services at the best price. The strategies will also help you develop a perspective on matters like transition in/transition out, service level agreements and related penalties and benefits as well as commercial conditions which will drive the operational framework for the technologies and services.

Preparation of designs and go to market documentation

Once the procurement strategy is agreed we can assist with the design and documentation of the best technological solutions to maximise your business outcomes. We can also prepare tender/go to market documentation including conditions of tender, conditions of contract, technical specifications, evaluation matrix and other related documentation which may form part of the contract for the delivery of the technology and services.

Expert reports and technical advice

Our team can investigate and report on certain business and technical problems. Our advice is usually delivered through expert reports which present our views and recommendations to assist with the resolution of the problem. We also prepare expert witness reports and expert reports on technologies for information to the market on IPO presentations.

Due diligence

We can carry out expert investigation into the ICT infrastructure or contracts relating to ICT infrastructure of your company. This often involves the assessment of the condition and/or value of the ICT infrastructure employed and preparation of an expert report. This due diligence may be as part of a larger due diligence process for the purpose of sale or IPO of the company.

We also provide due diligence and an expert opinion on a contract or work done by a contractor for the purpose of resolution of a dispute.

Economic modelling

We develop economic models of ICT networks and management systems. These computer based models provide a theoretical construct that represents economic processes by a set of variables and a set of logical and/or quantitative relationships between them. The economic model is a simplified framework designed to illustrate complex processes.

We use these models to examine the impact on the capital cost of a network or operating cost of management processes when certain underlying parameters in a model are changed.

For example, we have developed radio coverage models which have been used to test the underlying capital cost of providing radio coverage given for different radio performance criteria. We have also developed models which will calculate the operational cost of IT networks given different availability characteristics.

Telecommunications regulatory advice

Since the full deregulation of the Australian Telecommunications Industry in 1997, a number of our senior consultants have been working with regulators and policy agencies to provide specialist technical and business advice in relation to the telecommunications industry.

In some instances this advice related to the cost of access, or other carriage service costs. In other instances it related to how the telecommunications environment should be operated to deliver services in the best interest of the end user.

Telecommunications expense management

We provide telecommunication expense management (TEM) advice to help you minimise the cost of your telecommunications environment. Most of this advice is associated with the procurement of carriage services which best meet your needs. This service includes:

  • Bill auditing — to find the errors in a service provider and carrier bills.
  • Benchmarking — to compare the costs of services from different providers.
  • Bill management — find the errors and manage the process.
  • Network reconfiguration and optimisation to reduce operating and management costs.

Sourcing and procurement services

We adopt a very simple but effective approach to the sourcing and procurement of telecommunication services and contact centres. Our method is known as ESP i.e. Evaluate (what you have and need), Solution (the best fit for your needs now and into the future) and Procure (using the right approach to the market to ensure the ‘best service and commercial’ response).

We believe our simple but effective approach driven by our experienced consultants delivers exceptional value. In fact, many clients have been able to leverage a telecommunications market review to release valuable OPEX and CAPEX in their existing budgets thus allowing them to allocate these ‘newly’ sourced funds on other priority programs of work to either de-risk their existing operations through much needed capital investment or enhance business revenue opportunities through the investment in new technology.