• cables

    Do you need an expert team to
    manage a project?

    We specialise in service delivery through the provision of a balanced team of experts
    who will manage your program of work and individual projects.

  • hub

    Are you paying too much to your service
    provider to manage your network?

    Using mathematical models, we can test the impact on cost of changing your network
    performance and architecture.

  • optics

    Do you want to maximise your
    ICT investment return?

    GQI Consulting provides expert advice that will enable your organisation to select the
    most appropriate and up to date ICT — helping to reduce operating costs and provide
    optimum communications with your customers and employees.

  • satellites

    Is your ICT plan delivering the strategic
    benefits that you want?

    Our expert team can help keep you ahead of the game by using well tested methodologies
    to develop your ICT strategic plan.